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In-depth guide on making posts

So how do I ask my question such that it's easy to help me?

To maximise people's ability to help you with your question, here are some tips for formatting a technical question.

Where can I post my question?

You can post your question in the Discord forums channel. Post in one channel only, make only one post and don't crosspost. Don’t ask if you can ask either, just post your question and wait for a response.

Things to do

Please include the following things in your question:

Expectations vs reality: What you expected to happen

Errors If your code produced an error, include the stack trace (all of it! Use a code sharing service if it's very long).

Code The absolute most critical part. Include all code relevant to your question.

Libraries If not obvious, say what library/libraries you're using.

How can I post code on Discord?

Discord has a character limit of 2000 characters per message. If your code is longer than that, you can use a code-sharing service, like GitHub or Hastebin. You will no longer be automatically muted for posting long blocks of code, but please still choose one of the options above so your post isn't flooded with long blocks of code and will make it easier for users to actually find the question you are asking.

Code blocks Discord supports code blocks, which are a way of formatting code in a way that is easy to read.

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